Because You Deserve a Whiter, Brighter Smile

As we age, our once-bright smiles can become yellowed and faded from certain foods and beverages, tobacco use, and other factors. As a result, one of the cosmetic dentistry services we offer at No Limits Dental in Midtown Manhattan is professional teeth whitening. Under the direction of one of our licensed dentists, we provide patients with affordable teeth whitening solutions in the comfort of our office, or as take-home kits. If having a brighter, healthier looking smile is your goal, ask us about teeth whitening during your next appointment, or call to schedule an initial consultation at: (646) 480-6315!.

What Causes Teeth Discoloration?

Over the years, your tooth enamel can lose its natural white appearance for several reasons, including:

• Improper brushing
• Wine
• Chocolate
• Coffee and tea
• Carbonated beverages that contain caramel colorings
• Tobacco use
• Not getting semi-annual dental cleanings, fluoride treatments and polishing

The professional teeth whitening products and services that we offer patients at No Limits Dental are designed to promptly, reliably and affordably restore your smile back to the bright, healthy natural look you deserve.

The Benefits of Our Teeth Whitening Products

Walk into any corner market or pharmacy, and you’ll probably see commercial teeth whitening products, like pastes, strips and gels. Although those whiten a little, they don’t contain the same strengths of peroxide whitening agents that our professional products do. And, when using any whitening product, you need to be educated about safety precautions. Our dentists are licensed to provide both, and will work with you to develop a safe program that gets your teeth brighter faster. Our products can be conveniently applied in-office, or as take-home kits.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

Over several 30 to 60-minute office visits, one of our hygienists applies a fast-acting gel to your teeth. Then, we use heat and a special light to activate the whitening gel. Within a few appointments, you’ll enjoy a noticeably whiter, brighter smile that you can’t wait to show off to others!

Take-Home Whitening Kits

If you travel a lot or have a very busy lifestyle, another whitening option is purchasing some take-home whitening kits from our office. Our lab will be happy to make removable trays that fit your teeth like a glove, and are designed to be used at home or on-the-go with a peroxide whitening gel that we also supply. You will first be instructed on how to safely use the at-home system, and can periodically pick up gel refill syringes from our office to keep your smile looking white and bright for many years to come!

Whenever we have a new patient that starts using our teeth whitening products, they are first educated by our dentists and hygienists about whitening precautions and follow up oral hygiene and dietary tips to keep their smiles safely looking brighter for longer.

Professional Teeth Whitening in New York City

When you’d like to start restoring that faded, discolored smile back to the brilliant, white one you deserve, contact No Limits Dental in Midtown Manhattan. We have the professional teeth whitening solutions you need to get the job done promptly, affordably and reliably. Call us today at: (646) 480-6315 to get started!

Dr. Annie A Xu

General Dentist

Dr. Nadia Rodriguez, DMD

General Dentist

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