ICON White Spot Removal

White Spot Removal with ICON Resin Infiltration

If you are like many people who have demineralized enamel or white spot lesions after braces on your teeth we have a conservative cosmetic solution.

We use a resin infiltration technique where without the use of anesthesia (no numbing) and often without the use of drills we can restore the white spots to better match the color of the rest of your teeth. This is the most conservative method to restore the color of your teeth. Previously the only way to remove these spots would be with fillings or veneers, but thankfully we now have resin infiltration as an option to remove these white spots from teeth.

What is Resin Infiltration?

Resin infiltration is a technique where in one visit we apply a low viscosity resin which penetrates white spot lesions to fade their appearance.

ICON White Spot Removal NYC

What are the Benefits of Resin Infiltration (ICON)?

  • No numbing
  • Often no drilling
  • One appointment
  • Conservative treatment (no tooth structure is removed)
  • Instant “wow” when you see the smile you have always wanted!