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Patients are often confused as to what, exactly, constitutes a legitimate dental emergency. A sore tooth, a slightly chipped tooth, sore gums and bloody gums are not dental emergencies. Alternatively, if you have harsh oral pain, extensive tooth damage or another serious oral health issue that makes life incredibly uncomfortable, emergency dentistry is justified. There is no sense worrying about cost, inconvenience, time of day or other factors when dealing with egregious oral pain. Let’s take a closer look at some examples of instances in which a visit to an emergency dentist is justified.

Cracked Teeth are a Legitimate Dental Emergency

Though a minor chip will not warrant a trip to the emergency dentist’s office, one or several significantly cracked teeth justify emergency treatment. If you suffer a major chip or any type
of cracking, remain calm. Keep a level head, fill up a cup with warm water and swish it around in your mouth. The next step is to apply a cold compress to your face. If you can find the
fragments of the cracked or chipped tooth, place them in wet gauze or a wet towel. Bring the fragments to an emergency dentist for immediate treatment.

Have a Lost or Broken Tooth? Contact Our Emergency Dentist Right Away

Plenty of people suffer a broken tooth or completely lose a tooth when moving at a fast rate of speed, slip, trip and contact something solid like a countertop. This is quite the nasty injury to suffer yet it happens more often than people assume. If you break one or several teeth, make a beeline to the emergency dentist’s office. This is exactly the type of situation that an
emergency dentist must address to minimize the damage and restore your oral health.

Be proactive by placing the lost tooth in the socket. Do so by holding the tooth at the crown with a clean cloth between your fingers and the open socket. However, if you notice the tooth
is dirty, be sure to rinse off the root. It is a mistake to scrub any portion of the tooth or contact connecting tissues. If the tooth cannot be reinserted, place it beneath your tongue until you arrive at the emergency dentist’s office.

Your Broken Jaw or Severely Bitten Tongue/Lip Should Prompt an Immediate Visit to the Emergency Dentist Office

If you have a broken jaw or another harsh jaw injury, urgent care attention from an emergency dentist will be necessary. Press a cold compress to your jaw and the nearby portion of your face.
Furthermore, a severely bitten tongue or lip also requires emergency treatment. Do your part by cleaning the compromised portion with a wet cloth to reduce swelling. If the bleeding does
not stop or if there is an abundance of blood, meet with the emergency dentist without delay.

Our Emergency Dental Service Team is Here to Treat Your Tooth Pain

Significant tooth pain will dramatically reduce your quality of life. If you neglect this pain, it will only worsen to the point that you cannot focus on work, family or anything else. Meet with an
emergency dentist to determine the cause of the pain. If the tooth is plagued by extensive decay, the dentist can remove it and return your mouth to normal. Give us a call at (646) 480-6315 as soon as you notice any of the oral health problems detailed above.

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We know that all of our patients are uniquely different and deserve to receive affordable emergency dental service from an emergency dentist that reflects their individual needs and wants. Our experienced and talented dental team is committed to you and your family to create a comfortable, stress-free, happy and rewarding dental care experience every time you visit our practice even with no insurance. From repair to extraction, we are pleased to welcome you and your family even for a same walk-in day and we look forward to working with you. Contact us even on a Saturday or Sunday through our phone number.

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